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Lai Luoh Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Lai Luoh Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Lai Luoh Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
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    Engine Bearing

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  • Thrust Washer, Side Plate & Spacer

    Thrust Washer, Side Plate & Spacer

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    Auto Thrust Washer

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    Auto Engine Bearing

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    Auto Bushing

  • Auto Bushing

    Auto Bushing

 About Us
Established YearG1962
CapitalGUS$ 50,000,000
PresidentGDavid Chen
Number Of EmployeesG300
Company History:
1962 - Factory moved and changed the company name as Lai Luoh Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1976 - Successfully Developed bimetal sintering technology And set up the first set of slab sintering line.
Developed bushing production technology and started manufacturing.
Developed flange bearing production technology.
1988 - Factory expanded and moved to present location.
In the same year completed improvement of sintering line and able to sinter material in coil strip.
1995 - Built second factory and installed a Miba engine bearing transfer line.
1997- Achieved ISO 9002 certification.
1998- Achieved the Taiwan Military Engine Bearing Supplier Certification.
DU(PTFE) bushing is under developing.
1999 - Achieved QS9000 certification.
2003 - Begin supply to Caterpillar (Italy), Nissan (Iran) & Mitsubishi (C.E.C.Taiwan).
2004 - Constructing the third factory in Chan-Sing industrial park, Chang-Hua Country.
Implementing new plating system (know-how from Europe).
2005- Begin supply to YANMAR and John Deere (Europe).
2006 - Third factory complete.
Begin supply to SUMITOMO (Japan) and BOMBARDIER (Europe).
2007- Achieved the quality systems audit from GM.
Granted the certification of ISO 9001:2000 & ISO/TS 16949:2002.
2010- Begin supply to Knorr-Bremse (France) and Bandix (U.S.).
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Company Name:

Lai Luoh Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


Auto Bushing, Engine bearing, Auto thrust washer, Side plate & spacer


No.62, Singgong Rd., Shengang Town, Chang-Hua County, Taiwan