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Ford realigns global product development structure
Time: 2008-04-11
Under a new structure just annnounced, Ford Motor Company is designating global product development leads for different vehicle segments, such as small, mid-size and large cars. At the same time, Ford is assembling joint product development and purchasing teams around the world with responsibility for the company's core engineering and purchasing functions.
Teams in North America will be responsible for electrical and body (interior and exterior) engineering for vehicles worldwide, as well as select powertrains such as V-6 and V-8 engines, hybrids and automatic transmissions. Teams in Europe will be responsible for chassis engineering, and certain powertrains, including 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, and manual transmissions.
Asia Pacific and Africa engineering and purchasing resources will be integrated into Ford's global core engineering and purchasing groups in Europe and the Americas. APA will remain responsible for specific global product development programmes and all regional programmes.
The core engineering and purchasing teams are expected to improve interaction with Ford's global supply base to leverage economies of scale through common sourcing, reduce complexity and increase sharing of common parts.
The changes are designed to increase the speed at which Ford brings new vehicles to market. In the past four years, it has shaved eight to 14 months off the time its takes to bring a new vehicle to market, depending on programme complexity. The average age of the Ford product portfolio in North America will reduce by 35% by 2009. By the end of 2008 in Europe, the complete product portfolio will have been replaced or refreshed within the last three years.
From: auto industry.uk/news